In California in the mid-1950’s aerospace engineers started to experiment with FRP technology for use in the construction of pleasure boats. A high solids wax was needed to repeatedly and reliably release the boat without damaging the precious mold. A very clever chemist from a family owned company in Southern California listened carefully to the needs of these FRP pioneers and what is now MIRACLE GLOSS® paste wax was born!

In the 1970’s our products moved quickly with the best FRP applications to Europe and Asia and became the industry standard paste wax. As the composites industry expanded in Asia and particularly China, we were there!

Over the years that original MIRACLE GLOSS® formula has been improved with advancements in composite technology, faster cure cycles, better gel coats, and increased consumer demands for A Class finishes evolved.

In September 2018 Stoner Corporation bought this paste product line to continue to build on this pioneering spirit. Stoner is a family business with roots going back to 1942 and is heavy involved in the mold release industry offering releases for Composites, Injection Molding, Rubber, Urethane, Rotational Molding , and Investment casting applications. Stoner has a history of growth through internal R&D driven new product development and acquisitions.

We are proud to add five new exciting products to the MIRACLE GLOSS® range:

  •  Mold Cleaners 
  •  Mold Sealers 
  • Semi-Permanent Releases (including wipe on/leave on products) 
  • Unique Water Based Technology ideal as a Mylar film replacement for
    mandrel molded pipe and cast polymer concrete.

We are committed to listening to the needs of composites engineers and fabricators and meeting new environmental and technological changes under the Miracle Gloss brand!