Eco Liquid Wax MG580

Item Code: MG580GL


  • Extreme low cost.
  • Evaporates rapidly.
  • 177°C temperature stability.
  • Creates a durable wax surface.
  • Non-hazardous and non-flammable.
  • Applied by airless spray, HVLP, brush, rag, roller.

MIRACLE GLOSS® ECO Liquid Wax MG580 is a versatile low cost wax emulsion designed for non-class A surfaces. It effectively releases non-gel coated polymer concrete products, cast polymer hats and replaces low cost flange or slurry waxes. It further replaces Mylar as the release system for male mandrel molding and can be used as a release agent for compression molding.

Maximum Molding Temp 350°F / 177°C
1 GL. (3.785 L) Liquid
Item No. MG580GL 4 per case

Product Data Sheet: